Welcome to LANGames.ca

We maintain a list of games specifically for Local Area Network(LAN) gaming.
Feel free to make suggestions for our list.

 Game Name  Credit  Official Site  Recommended LanGames.ca
Write Up
 Terraria  Lan -12/11/2011 -Go- Highly Steam: Offline Mode + Dedicated Server works.
 Borderlands  Lan -4/16/2010 -Go- Highly  I can't describe how fun this game is.
 Warcraft 3 + The Frozen Throne  Lan -Go- Yes  -Go-
 Warcraft 2  Lan -Go-    
 Impossible Creatures  Lan -Go- Highly  
 Lan -Go- Highly  
 Neverwinter Nights 1  Daelus -Go-    
 Neverwinter Nights 2  Daelus -Go-    
 Command in Conquer 3 
-Go- Yes  
 Red Alert 1  Daelus -Go-    
 Red Alert 2  Daelus -Go-    
 Red Alert 3  Daelus -Go- Yes  
 Quake (All, Newest: 4)  Lan -Go-    
 Duke Nukem 3D  Lan -Go-    
 Decent Series  Knightlite -Go- Decent 2
 Haegmonia  Lan -Go- Yes  
 Sins of a Solar Empire  Rennoch -Go- Yes  
 Swat 4  Pants -4/19/2010 -Go-    
 Fear Combat (Free Download)  Omni -7/13/2010 -Go-
 Dungeon Siege  Alex -7/13/2010 -Go-    
 Midtown Madness 1 & 2  7 -12/27/2010 -Go-    
 Civilization V  Lan -2/22/2011 -Go- Yes  LAN play fully functional now.
 Diablo 2  Lan -2/28/2011 -Go- Yes  It's still awesome.
 Total Annihilation  Lan -3/9/2011 -Fansite-    Old School RTS.  Official sites no longer Exist.
 Supreme Commander  Lan -3/9/2011 -Go-    Successor of Total Annihilation.
 Supreme Commander 2  Lan -3/9/2011 -Go-  Highly  Smoother interface, next gen graphics, and new toys.  The tech tree was simplified, but a research option was added to compensate.

Some games are Extremely fun to play with other people in person.  But do not quite qualify as Langames Due to the fact they still require  an internet connection to play.
I've decided to list them anyway... But Separately.

Not Quite Lan Games:
Game Name  Credit Official Site  Recommended LanGames.ca
Write Up
 Minecraft  LAN -Go-   Local play possible.  Internet still required to authenticate. 
 Star Wars:ToR  LAN -Go-    MMO.  Online Play Only.

If you are hosting a LAN event,  Send an email to username "justin" at this domain and I'll list it below.